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Moulshree Mail
Friday, 9 July 2004
I would like this commune to live, and it is going to live, but then ....
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Topic: Osho Commune
Osho's insight on the functioning of commune organization (a Darshan Diary excerpt)

"So always remember: whoever is in charge has to be looked to, he has to be respected. And if there is something wrong, later on you talk about it ; but never get angry, never get arrogant. Only then can this commune function; otherwise it will be....
"Do you know that all communes die? The longest life of a commune up to now has been three years. I would like this commune to live, and it is going to live, but then the functioning has to be totally different. Those communes die because they have a democratic structure; that's why they die. You cannot have a democratic structure in a commune; otherwise nothing will work.
"The commune has to be in a totally different way; it has to be a discipline. Not everybody has to assert themselves; otherwise fights and then cliques will happen; and then people will join together - a few people with Manisha, a few people with Sheela- then conflict over who is more powerful will happen. These things will go on and they will destroy the whole thing that I am trying to do; your energy will get involved in those things. They have to avoided, I am very alert from the beginning.
"I would like this commune to function so smoothly that it can become an example. Communes have become very condemned because they start with great enthusiasm, then everything falls flat. It falls flat because of the politics of people; and this is how politics enter. I am very keen that no politics should enter, and the only way is: always look to the person. You should have written a letter to me that this happened. I am always there; it would not have created any trouble. She cried; she is suffering, and you have been sitting there, miserable for no reason at all!

OSHO quoted from Darshan diary "Don't Bite my Finger, Look Where I Am Pointing" by Dr George Meredith in his book "Bhagwan: The most godless yet the most godly man" Page 281

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