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Moulshree Mail
Wednesday, 4 October 2006
Sannyas Mahotsava 2006 in Manali
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Osho in Manali , Osho in Manali ,  Ahh.. Osho in Manali... as if a tornado of energy has struck the Manali Club house which was baptised as sacred Budha Hall for the next five - six  days, starting on the eve of 21/9/06 for this year's Osho Sannyas Mahotsava 2006. Osho lovers, sannyasins, old and new and those who had no inkling of the impending experience of getting swept into a journey of transformation ... for which they will remain in gratitude for rest of their lives, had reached this scenic mountain location in Himachal (hieght ~2300 meters). Osho had initiated the first group of his disciples in Neo Sannyas movement in Manali, in early seventies. The  OMinous sound of "Manalsu" river flowing in its glory only 50 yards away had set an aura of timelessness in the Budha Hall. Swami Vairagya Amrit who led the camp, observed on the opening day celebration : energy of opening celebration is so high that we may experience kind of explosion in the energy in the days to come. And he was very right. My inside is  still vibrating and throbing and I am experiencing a free flow of my being even after 8 days of returning from camp. Swami Kirti may ask : "aisa kaise" ? and one would say : "raso vai sah" .  In addition to the Osho's jet age meditation ( dynamic and kundalini) done regularly on all camp days many other techniques were experimented in the camp. The candle flame meditation was a beautiful experience. Sharing the silence, love and meditative enrgy of Swami Vairagya Amrit was a moving experience. The team of Tao Vision of Karnal has taken great pains to take care of minutest detail of facilities for the participants. The food as well as catering by the Club house staff was very good. The accomodation provided in rooms in near by hotels was very convenient. On the 4th day a reporter from "Jagaran" news paper came for coverage and interacted with a number of participants. Finally Sw Vitthal from Mumbai answered his queries and gave him some great insight on the work of Osho and his Vision. No doubt the enrgy of Osho's people  was so infectious that our reporter friend revisited the clubhouse on all the remaining days and interacted with many other participants. On behalf of all participants great many thanks to Swami Anurag and his team.

With Love and Gratitude

Anand Arhat, New Delhi

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Updated: Wednesday, 4 October 2006 10:26 PM

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