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Moulshree Mail
Friday, 2 July 2004
Back From Manali
Mood:  happy
Just back from my trip to Manali. this was my third one. The place is now very crowded. Visit to Rohtang Pass saw around 500 vehicles driving out bumper to bumper. My god we are now so much in numbers. It was vehicle smoke all the way which spoiled the spirit and there seemed no adventure. But its still wonderful at peripheries of Manali. Specially in Naggar area, its peaceful and serene. There are apples and apples and Plums on every tree along the road and the river Vyas is hurtling down in all its glory. Its cool and misty and the drive from Manali to Kullu (on the Naggar side ) is worth an experience. I noticed two Osho connections there one in Ghourdor ( check out from its link under "home away from home" in site ) and other named Sammasati Meditation centre of Sw Samdarshi. Many freinds from foreign countries are staying scattered in this area and are seen using rented bikes and enjoying the surroundings, whereas Indians are crowding in the hotels around Mall and as usual missing the point.

Posted by moulshree at 11:49 PM

Sunday, 13 February 2005 - 9:05 AM

Name: swami yoga prem

i am looking for news of my sister- nirupa- living somewhere in the manali area.
if there is anyone that can confirm her presence and or well-being, it would be appreciated very much by her mother. prem
please respond to me at;

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